Custom Plastic Injection Molding
Ruco serves an array of industries varying in size from small enterprises to large Fortune 500 conglomerates.
Ruco has been serving the injection molding needs of our customers since 1967. We have been around for so long that it is likely you have at least seen or perhaps used a product with our components in it. From Sun Tea lids to guitar picks to reflector len’s to components for laboratory equpment or railroad electronics we have produced quality parts for a variety of customers.
We go to great lengths to help the beginning entrepreneur . If you have a product idea that you feel is marketable, we will do everything we can to help your dream come to fruition.
Ruco Products, Inc. 2620 SW US Highway 40   Blue Springs, MO 64015
Ken Turner, President, Parker McCrory Manufacturing,
Ruco Products, Inc. has been a supplier to this company for over 60 years. We have always found Ruco to be a dependable supplier with competitive costs. We would recommend Ruco to anyone looking for a dependable injection molder.”
Doug Crawford, Purchasing, Teledyne-Isco,  
“Ruco has been one of our top suppliers. They have always delivered what we need in a very expedient manner and gives Teledyne-Isco great value for the product/service provided.”
Derek providing personal consultation to customer rep regarding product design and quality.
.... you may be very surprised at where you may find Ruco manufactured product. We serve a very wide range of industry.